Sunday, May 06, 2012

6 months, and definitely growing!

Our little Buddha had his 6 month appointment last week and he has dropped percentage wise but is still a big boy. At his four month appointment the nurse had me put SHane on the scale and then when she saw the numbers she told me to pick him up so we could try again. She said sometimes if i don't wait for the scale to register before I put the baby on it will add a few pounds. So i put him back on and she said, "well i guess he is just a really big boy".  The nurse believed the weight this time but big enough the doctor told me he will be a little slow doing stuff because of how much weight he has to move. Funny how these numbers don't really mean anything right, but its really fun ti see where they are.

91% in weight at 20lb 8oz.
86% in height @ 27.75 inches
46% in head circumference(this is hard to believe that half the kids have bigger heads then Shane-- lets just say he got his daddys head!

At 6 months Shane is rolling over, smiling a lot, giggling at his brothers, sits up for a little bit but does not last long, bounding forward, blowing raspberries (which has been an issue because the boys now spit because Shane is spitting), and very much a mommas boy. He is going through that stage where if i leave the room he definitely notices and gets sad. Sometimes its really cute, other-times i wonder how i get things done during the day! Lincoln and Trey love Shane. A lot of the time they will just go about doing there own thing, but whenever he gets sad they try everything and anything they can to make him laugh and happy. Its really is so cute to watch.
Shane loves his food!! Before he goes to bed I normally feed him on both sides, give him baby food, and then top him off with 3 or 4 oz. of formula. I know crazy huh! When we started doing this he was sleeping 12 hours at a time, so it definitely was worth it.  As of lately he is waking up a lot at night. I remember my other boys doing this but it still is not fun. Its starting to really wear on me so i'm hoping this growth spurt or little habit he has gotten into is almost over.

I really love this stage with Shane, he stills loves to be held, but is getting a little better with toys, but i just love him to pieces. I can't imagine our life without him. Deciding to have Shane was definitely a little leap of faith but i would never change the decision we made.

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  1. I can't believe Shane is already 6 months!!!! It's crazy how fast time flies!