Friday, May 18, 2012

The Graduation!


graduated with honers and very much deserved, with a lot of hard work

walking across stage

this is where the hooded him

Looking at these pictures again made me have to suck back the tears again. I know we are a very emotional family already but I was a mess. I couldn't help but have a bunch of emotions all pouring out at once. The only way I have been describing it to people is the same as when you have a baby. The second that baby is here at least for me I am so emotional. One he is here, your done being pregnant, your so happy they are here, they are healthy, you made it and its over. I feel the same way with law school. It was so hard, now we are done, he graduated with honors, I am so proud of him but we are finished and its over.
 I know there were many that wanted to be here for his graduation and we understand. I wish we could be at everything but life just does not work that way. But on the same hand I am so grateful for those that were able to make it. It really was an effort especially for Josh's family.

The best part was Trey standing in the aisle of the seating, yelling"yeah no more school for daddy!" I think anyone that heard this started laughing, and also Im sure amazed that this kid's dad was down there.
Right before Josh went on stage both dad's were down with the boys talking to Josh. A girl a few people behind Josh said...
girl: : aww look at those cute boys, who are they?
Josh: those are my boys
girl: cute but what's the relation
josh:my boys
josh's friend nick, realizing josh didn't understand the question says:his father!
She couldn't believe it but fun to always see peoples reaction that dont know.

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