Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Strawberry Patch

Chelsea and I were taking about going to strawberry patch in Alvin one day and so she called and said she was going so we loaded up with Tamra all in her car, no empty seats, 5 car seats a prego and headed to alvin. It really ended up being so much fun. I stopped by my moms house before we left while they were doing the garage sale and I could tell she really wanted to come but was still doing the sale. By the time we got all ready to go she was finished so she met us up there and the boys were so excited to have Grammy there! This strawberry patch was awesome! It's all organic, no bugs nothing chemical wise so you can't eat the berries, it was great! One of the rules was you must pay for what you pick so they don't want you eating the berries in the filed. As you can see Trey didn't really understand that rule! After we paid for them the boys just sat on the floor and just kept eating. we had yummy BBQ for lunch and enjoyed the farmers market. I love that I have friends here that I can call up and will do fun things with me, it really is fun for the kids and I love doing that kind of stuff!

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  1. How fun! We used to go to you-pick farms when we were kids. Best memories ever. Love that you guys did this.