Saturday, April 21, 2012

Cute little biscuits!

So yes were doing it, potty training the Trey Trey. I figured when he was already telling me and was pooping in the toilet, and pulling off his diaper at the park to go potty it was time. Trey wants to wear underwear so bad like Lincoln so that too has helped. My mom and left Thursday to drive the truck to Utah so I have 2 1/2 weeks to just be at home with them( not good for the bank account but I love every second. I feel like I'm a better mom and wife).

So of course I let Trey pick which undies he want, and he picked spiderman. I guess he is the only 2 year old that wants spiderman for underwear because I could not find his size anywhere, not even online. I did find a few packages that had a few pairs in a package of six. He was so happy to see the spiderman that he started taking his pants off in the store right there to put on his new ones.

After day 2 I think he realizes what it feels like to pee and that you don't have to push but we're still
Working on him telling me when he needs to go. if anyone has pointers let me know. I know this is bad but it seemed to work okay on
Lincoln, but I don't really have a big potty training plan, just making sure he drinks lots of water and setting a timer to go ever 30-44 minutes. So like I said if you have any tips let me know!

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  1. how exciting! good luck! so funny he wanted to put them on in the store! :)