Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Astros game with Daddy

Josh has had 3 big papers he has needed to write his semester so he has been gone a lot. Now along with the paper it's finals time so we have not seen a whole lot of daddy but his professor got tickets to the Astros game so we invite Nate and Chelsea and went to the game. We had so much fun and it was nice to have an evening with Josh and the kids! Oh and remember how I said Lincoln thinks every time you go to the game you get a ball? He told Josh dad we haven't gotten a ball yet,"I have a good idea, let's go to the store where there are lots of balls we can buy!!" thanks to papa! About the 5th inning the people that walk around and throw stuff in the fans came right to out section and were throwing the soft Astros balls. Not to brag or anything but I totally caught one left handed while holding Shane! It was pretty awesome! Then Nate caught one too and gave it to Trey so both of the boys got one. Lincoln was so excited he told Josh," I told ya dad,I knew the Astros could hit it up this high to us!"

The last picture is to show how much daddy is gone! We pretty much have a jungle in our backyard and I think the weeds now are as tall as I am now!

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