Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Opening game/golfing

Papa and pompom took Lincoln to opening game and he had so much fun! Lincoln got a ball at the last game he was at so I think he now thinks he gets one at every game. Papa took Lincoln to get a ball from the store and that worked out just as well. My dad told me they had to make sure and get 2 balls because Lincoln told papa that Trey needed one to. I love to hear that because they really are such good buddies. Trey was pretty sad when Lincoln got to go with papa and I think he is starting to get old enough to realize when Lincoln gets rondo stuff and he doesn't. So Trey, Shane and I went to the driving range and Trey had so much fun, that after an hour and a half I fought him to get in the car. I think he forgot about Lincoln not being there and I actually think he really liked it just being him!

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