Saturday, February 28, 2009

More Video!!

I know there are a ton of videos but I want those that dont get to see him all the time, get to see him this way! And see how much he is chnaging, and how cute he gets every day!


Lincoln was just talking away with Josh, i love it!


  1. i love all the videos and pictures! keep them coming! he is such a cutie. i love it. it is so fun to see him stand and talk and smile with josh playing with him! i can't tell you how excited i am to meet him. we love you guys! (p.s. love the new header by the way! you guys are so cute.) =)

  2. Too cute! He is totally talking. How fun. Great pictures of the family at the temple. I especially like the ones of the naked little cuddling man. Love the new header.

  3. Omg everytime i look at the blog i seriously watch your videos like 3 times! I lvoe that boy so so much :)

  4. Lincon is getting so big. He is just darling.