Friday, February 13, 2009

2 Month Doctors Visit

So we took Lincoln in for his 2 month doctors visit( a few weeks late). The doctors said he is a solid strong boy. He said that with how strong he is there is a possibility he will crawl a little early, but i wont hold my breath. He has been late on everything else so I wont believe until I see it! Poor thing had to get this shots, he was pretty mellow the rest of the day and then the next day i felt so bad for him, every time he would move his legs he would get upset, poor thing... his legs hurt!
WEIGHT 14 lbs 1/2 oz--80.74 %
HEIGHT 24 inches--67.5 %
HEAD 39 1/2 inches--23.27%
I guess he got my head!!


  1. He is absolutely adorable! Can I please come visit soon and see you two!?

  2. Mark my don't want crawling early!!! Sooooo cute!