Friday, November 07, 2008


The last few years Josh and I have made the rounds to see all the nieces and nephews, and that has been our favorite. As he and I were driving from one place to the next Josh and I were talking and just saying how happy we were to be able to go and see all the kids, and that Halloween for us now was not some pointless party but to see the cute little kids all dresses up and to see the excitement as they go from house to house or trunk to trunk. I was able to get a few pictures, but of course Morgan would not let me get a picture of her this year, again, and then surprising neither would Kaden.... Justin was getting ready to go on the Rhino so I just said forget it, ill get one from there blog!!!


  1. it's fun to see you two with little kids, cuz i can imagine them being your own soon!! =) we're so excited for you guys, and you look way good jacqs!

    love ya, rach

  2. Oh the kids are so cute :) That's so fun your family is here with you!