Saturday, October 11, 2008

Turkey Tails

In between the session of conference, we went over to visit Adam, Shannon, and Collin, and when we were leaving to catch the 2nd session Collin didn't want his uncle Josh to leave and he wanted to come to our house. So we brought him with us. I don't know how most do conference, but we have a big breakfast, snack, blankets, and pj's. Not to mention no make-up, and don't really fix the hair. As you can see, Josh just put on a hat, and that was perfect to cover up the bed head from the last nights sleep. When Josh took his hat off, Collin started laughing so hard, and said "look at your turkey tails" I don't know where he got that from, but I couldn't help but blog about it, because i couldn't stop laughing. I know it is probably one of those funnier had to be there moments but the look on Collins face, and as he laughed and made fun of Josh's hair was just too funny!


  1. gotta love the turkey tails...collin gets them so good when his hair is longer!

  2. He had to have picked that up from somewhere....mmmm, probably mom! So cute, I love that. We just call it good 'ol bed-head!