Friday, October 24, 2008


Who ever came up with this was not kidding. A few weeks ago, all the sudden my house, car, everything seemed to be so dirty, and of course too dirty to bring a baby home too. So I had my carpets cleaned and each day I try and work on something new. The only problem is I start something and then I get tired easy and need to sit down for a minute, that or I have bent down too many times, and the baby starts kicking me, so I need to take a break. Then when I am ready to start again there is another area I would rather work on. So I feel like it is taking a lot longer than it needs too. I am a little bit in panic mode with 3 weeks left because like i said I feel like everything is half way done. I guess the good thing is, the baby will never remember that he/she came home too. I'm sure it will all come together soon, and there will be nothing to worry about! Plus it helps because as much as I am ready to not be pregnant any more it makes it okay that its not time yet, because I'm not ready, but i wonder if I really ever will be!!!


  1. jacquelyn, you are funny! the nesting thing is so true, huh? i did it too. =) good luck you guys! i'm so excited for you!

  2. OH jacqs, I distinctly remember taking soapy water and scrubbing the bird poop off our our apartment...on a deck that we never went on. We all get a little crazy during this "nesting" time. My favorite "nesting" tools: toothbrush (for the deep scouring), garbage bags (to throw crap away), and clorox wipes (to use by the dozens...or millions).