Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Another mark in the loss column!!! This year has not been what it was all hyped up to be, but it still has been fun! Josh had 4 tests, 2 projects and an LSAT practice test all due this last week and this is what was getting him threw the week, and then the Buckeyes let him down! He says they did play well and if they were to lose to anyone in the BIG TEN it would be Penn State! I guess he has been to busy to really talk my ear off about it, that or he is getting better... you think!!! Maybe not quite. It really is fun and I love that he loves something this much! I have actually gotten into it enough to were I ask a question and don't realize that he and I start talking about for the next 20 minutes, so it can't really be that bad!
Next weeks game should be better, or at least have a better out come!


  1. When is that little Petersen coming? We're praying for ya'll, really we are:) hang in there

  2. Sorry about your boys, we will have to wait for next year!