Monday, September 08, 2008

Reception #2

This is Josh and Cru- Jeff and Kayla's little boy-- he just loves Josh, but what little kid doesn't
This is Jeff and Kayze-- dont you just love the hair!
So for Lindsey and Jakes 2nd reception we made it down to St. George, which of course was no big deal for us! We love it there and get to stay with some our good friends! Of course there was a little sand volleyball, In N' out burger, some games and then of course we made it for the reception!!! I was sad I didnt get a picture in Texas of the wedding so I did get one so everyone can at least see a picture!


  1. I haven't talked to you in forever!! Miss you tons. That is crazy about the trip to the ER...scary! Glad you weren't dilating. That would have been overly dramatic!!! Oh, and P.S. loved the garbage bag dress...he he! Happy birthday!! (late)

  2. Scary ER story! I'm so glad everything is ok.

    Hey-so how do you know Jeff and Kayla? They were in our ward in St. George and Aaron played Bball with Jeff. Didn't ever get to hang out with them, but we just remember what a cute couple they were. It's funny, because you had told us that you went to visit them, but we never put it together. Random.

  3. so glad that ya'll could spend so much time with us when you were down here. We love it and desperately need to "barter" some stuff so could you please drive back down and buy me some stuff? BUCKEYES this weekend get ready!

  4. It was so fun to see you in St. George and I'm glad you were there or I would have walked around by myself the whole first half haha. Pretty venue and you looked bomb! :)

  5. Okay! I will come wif Kelly.
    1059 Sara Circle
    Orem, UT 84058

    Love ya!

  6. Jacqueline!!!! It's me, Aubri from the oh-so-famous OG in Provo! You better not have forgotten! I am soooo stoked that I found your blog! It looks like you are doing so good! Congrats on the pregnancy! You are the cutest pregnant girl ever! I miss you to pieces! Seriously, we need to catch up on like 3 years of our lives! Love ya girl!