Monday, September 08, 2008


So I know this is a little late but we have been going 90 to nothing! A few weeks ago was my 23rd birthday and it was perfect! I worked in the morning and had a surprise from Christy and Kaden with cinnamon rolls and a little note from Morgan. Then when I got home Josh had decorated the house with some help from Christy with balloons and streamers. He had planned a couples massage... one of my favorite things in the world and after we went to Tucanos for dinner, and then came home for cake and ice cream with the family! Josh did really good this year not only with a fun night but he also bought me a sewing machine! I have been wanting just have not really had time to think about it, so he did the research and I love it! Thanks to everyone who came and for the gifts, it was a lot of fun!
Oh, how could I forget... I was also the entertainment for the party! Christy brought over the bridesmaid dress for Lindsey's wedding for me to try on and it was awful! It looked like a garbage bad with a few holes cut out! David described best as something that you look at that just makes you laugh! It really was that. I think most of us were laughing so had we were in tears. Needless to say we did get it fix but that was funny!


  1. oh my gosh I really almost died when you tried on that dress haha... I was glad I was at your birthday. I love you mucho... great times.

  2. jacquelyn, you are hilarious. =) we love and miss you guys! i hope you are doing ok after that awful infection! you are beautiful tho. tell josh i'm proud of him for cleaning up your throw up. =) hee hee. love ya.