Thursday, September 25, 2008

As the Weather Changes...

So I was reading one of our friends blogs and saw that Jenny put her top ten reasons she hates colds... I thought it was almost exactly what i felt like and needed to do a few revisions and post it on our blog! Top Ten Reasons I hate Colds:
1—Sore throat, watery eyes, excessive green snot, Rudolph’s nose, and severely raw nostrils
2—Feeling like I have a bubble for a head where my voice reverberates incessantly in my own ears
3—The inability to take “good” cold medicine because I’m pregnant
4—Having to change my mask and gloves at least once with each patient I work on because i either sneeze in the mask or the snot drips down enough to where you can see it through the mask.
5—The constant plugging of at least one nostril—if not both—and the fact that the annoying pluggage can switch sides as it pleases
6—My house looks like hurricane Ike decided to pay us a personal visit
7—Chronic sniffles, couching and sneezing... working over patients.
8—Taunting moments of clarity: brief periods of time when the snot clears from both nostrils and the ears unplug—where I feel as if three of my lost senses have returned (hearing, smelling, and taste)—only to have them taken away as quickly as they came back.
9—Not being able to kiss my husband- well I still do but not being able to do it without feeling like Im going to get him sick
10-The knowledge that this bug will probably pass to Josh in a few days…just when I’m finally starting to feel better, and then I get to take care of him! ( he does not do well when he is sick)


  1. You guys should just move to Vegas- it doesn't get cold here until December! And plus, I'll watch your baby whenever you want! Tempting, eh?!

  2. Sorry, it's me again, but I need your mailing address so I can ship some baby gifts! You can e-mail it to me at

  3. Yep that is the worse especially when you are pregnant. Make sure Josh is taking his Vitamin C, maybe he will get lucky and not get it. :)

  4. OH, poor Jacqs! Seriously, I might complain, but being uncomfortably preggers AND sick is so unfair! I feel for you and I hope it is clearing up already!

  5. The mask one kind of grossed me out haha... but good list! Are you still sick?! Let me know if you need anything.

  6. 1 word...AFRIN. it has saved my life. and i am with you 100%, going on 3 weeks of this ick!