Monday, September 08, 2008

Emergency Room Visit #2

So Saturday before we went to Texas for the wedding I was sitting at Justins football game and started to cramp. Nothing out of the ordinary and nothing I hadn't felt before but enough to go to the nearest gas station for some Tylenol. When the game was over I still was not feeling to well so we went home and I took a nap, and when I woke up I thought I was dying. I took about 10 baths, tried heating pad, took more Tylenol, and nothing was getting better. So after about an hour to 2 hours I decided to call the doctor because this could not be normal. Of course he sent us to Labor and Delivery. They put me on the monitors to test for contraction and saw that i was contracting so they wanted to make sure i was not dilated. Good thing I was not, but after a few more test they found out that I had a UTI. I guess its common in pregnancy but this was nothing i felt before it was a constant pain in my back and belly, and then i was hurting so bad it was making me throw up (sorry maybe too much info). Josh was so good he even cleaned it up, and those that know Josh,that is a a big deal! So they called me in some antibiotics and sent me home. I was hurting for the rest of the night took 10 more baths, tried ice, heating pad and throwing up about 12 more times. It was the worst feeling, I wish I was in labor because then they could of given me something for the pain. Oh well, i guess I got a good idea of what to look forward to!! Its all better now, but I promise with how many times they sent us to labor and Delivery we will have our deductible payed off before we have the baby!

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  1. Oh how miserable! I'm glad you and the baby were okay though! You are getting plenty of experience in Labor and Delivery aren't you? You'll be pros come November!