Sunday, October 14, 2007


Tagged by Christy What I was doing 10 years ago... This is so weird to think, but I was in seventh grade at First Colony Middle School! I was the only one at the school because John was already in high school and Loopy was still in Elementary. At this time was worried about basketball and volleyball- the 2 sports i played in middle school. I think the most of my worries at this time was making sure I got up early enough so dad could take me to school instead of having to ride the bus. That and i was going through a big awkward stage- we have the pictures to prove it! What I was doing 5 years ago... I had come up to Utah to work and go to school. By this time I had been working at Olive Garden for a few months, and getting ready to start BYU, where I would get my pre-requisites done for dental hygiene school. What I was doing 1 year ago... I was finishing up my last year of dental hygiene school... Close enough to national boards to where I was stressing about it. I think at this time last year Josh and I had been dating for about 8 months. We had both gone to each others parents house and 2 weeks later from a year ago this time, he asked my dad (in the sweet mustangs) if he could marry me. What I was doing yesterday... Watched Ohio State beat Kent State and become ranked #1, and spent too much money with Christy! We bought a few clothes at our new favorite store, Ross, and we went to Tai Pan (yes mom a decorating store), and I got decorations for our first Christmas together. 5 places I'd rather be... last year of Josh's law school Hawaii with the whole family a trip with Josh a beach 5 snacks/treats I love... same on G's chocolate cake! ice cream brownie Sunday great wall of china peach smoothie at taco amigo(that was easy, only 5) What I would do with 100 million dollars... I agree with Emma- Private jet to see family whenever Have a dream house, and a house for everyone in the family to live close by definitely help our parents retire give money to people to pay it forward like Oprah and mom Let us retire and not have to ever worry about money and just play 5 Favorite TV shows... CSI, Law and Order, Alias (even though it went down hill i gave 4 good years to this show), Extreme Make over(I cry every time), What not to Wear- i feel like this show helps me. 5 people to tag... April , Sam, Rachel, Kari, Shannon


  1. what about grey's? aren't you still addicted? you better be, we need to talk about it!

  2. Yea, what about Grey's? Ok, I can't believe 5 years ago you were in Utah. Has it really been that long?