Saturday, October 20, 2007


This weekend Sandra came into town, with her boyfriend, Tyler! All Sandra wanted to do was show Tyler and do some of things we always did while she lived here. So like tradition we decided to go sit in Josh's section at Olive Garden. This week Josh was asked to work in the kitchen as a CA for those of you that know that that means and you can imagine how fast he took that offer- he didn't have to talk to customers and he got off first. So we sat in one of friends section and he came out to visit every once in a while. Sandra will be here for the weekend but its so much fun to have her here. It's always fun to reminisce and then to make new memories.
Just like the old times!
He looks so busy, huh? I think he fits in just perfectly! Sandra and Tyler

Loopy trying to make rice crispy treats- it got a little sticky!


  1. Girlfriends are always so fun! And Sandra looks really happy. Yummm Loopy Rice Krispi Treats sound good maybe we'll have to make some. Can't wait to see ya'll. Love you

  2. That's a really cute picture of Josh. Glad you had fun and he was able to get off early.

  3. did buckbeak wash her hands before making them?