Monday, October 29, 2007


This weekend some of Josh's really good friends were in town from Ohio! The Sharples are kind of like Josh's second family! So you can guess they were just as excited for the Ohio State vs. Penn State game as Josh was. We thought we were going to have to record the game and just hang out with them during the day but we found out there was a little bit of a mix up with the time of Thriller so we were able to watch the game with some true Buckeye fans! It was a good night for the boys-- Ohio State played really well and beat Penn State 37 to 17!! Not only was it fun for Josh to have them here but it was fun to meet them. I had heard all about the Sharples and they were just as great as they were described! Brother Sharples thought me a new game that I think everyone needs to learn to play, it's called Euker! It's a strategy game that I think everyone would have fun with, and if you already know how to play let us know because were in!

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  1. i am so glad that you are now a Euchre's the funnest game ever. if you ever wanna play, i am game!