Saturday, February 26, 2011

More then just the Wedding in Utah!

We were so lucky this trip because we were able to see a lot of Josh's family as well! Josh's mom drove down from Idaho to help us with the boys. Because we had so much going on and not a lot of it was meant for the boys, she was great to take them and they LOVED HER! I was a little nervous they would not go with her because Lincoln gets shy but they just clung to her, and they continue to just talk about her. I wish his parents lived closer but so grateful they come when they can. THANK THANK AGAIN
Shannon, Collin and Eden of course live in Orem still and we were able to see Shannon at the wedding and then spent the night one night at there house and spend a little more time with them. We wish it could of been longer but it was still great to see them. I think she took some pictures, so i need to get them from her. While we were at Shannon's Sunday morning it just so happened that Cory and Brett were in town as well. So we were able to see them and there sweet little Lucian. He has gotten so big I cant believe it. he is almost bigger than Trey! (our poor short little boys)
We were also able to see Steve, Rach, Hallie and Natalie. This was the first time for us to meet sweet little Natalie and she was so cute! She is a little chunk and I love it. She was so happy and so cute. And of course little Hallie, talking like crazy. I love her little personality and the things she comes up with! We wish so bad we lived by more of our family, but it was so great to see everyone!

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