Saturday, February 26, 2011

Lincoln was in Heaven

Jeff and Suz just finished there backyard and part of it was a little putting green! It was a little cold and had snowed the whole day before, so Jeff and Ryan got off all the snow so Lincoln could play and he just loved it. Poor little things was so bundled he could hardly move but it was so dang cute to watch him pay!

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  1. Lincoln is such a doll! I love these pictures. So does Bixente. He loves golfing. He doesn't get to do it as often as Lincoln, but he sure thinks it's fun. He's such a boy. He loved the pictures of Lincoln golfing, he wanted to look at the cousins sitting together and Lincoln holding Buzz Light Year, we got to the wedding pictures and he said "I'm done with these pictures." Looks like you guys have had fun this year so far. Hope we'll be joining you soon!