Saturday, February 26, 2011

Derek and Brittanys Wedding!

Wallin's and the Butlers Waiting for pictures, you can tell Trey was super excited! the Butlers Derek and Brit with most of the cousins Our family Emma, Jenny and I Having FUN Getting Crazy the send off! I stole a few of the pictures from Emmas blog, and once I find more Ill post more! The reception was beautiful! My mom put in a lot of work and it turned out so well! We had a lot of fun dancing, and the food was great! Sad to say this is the last Butler Wedding!


  1. I love the one of you and Josh dancing lol. You ladies look so good in the bridesmaid's dresses. I really like them. xoxo

  2. Britty's wedding was gorgeous! But, my fav pic is the one of you and Josh!! Hilarious. The best part of it though are the boys staring at you in the background!

  3. I love seeing the pictures! I didn't get one picture from my camera. Check out Mikki's website. She has more wedding pictures on her blog!