Saturday, November 06, 2010

Some things you just can't let go!l

John called us one day and asked if we wanted to met him, Emma and the kids in Dallas to play in a softball tournament with Brian and Jeni. So like I said, some things never change!! There was not much discussion, if John and Emma were going to drive 21 hours in the car, we figured we could do 5!! It was such a fun weekend. It was crazy having 8 kids under 4, with 6 adults in a house but i think thats what made it fun! We loved it! The first night the boys went to the Rangers playoff game, then we had the tournament which we didnt win, but with the kids and the delay in games we were ready for it to be over. Then we had some awesome Mexican food, a little taste of Brians cooking and we were back on the road!

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  1. That first picture is adorable with the kids linned up along the fence. That's so fun you guys got to go to a Ranger's game!!