Saturday, November 06, 2010

Cute Video with Christian

I feel like I really didn't get the cute part of them playing, but still cute. I love to see My kids playing with there cousins. That is definitely one thing I miss about being in Texas, but Im so glad we are able to visit as much as we are!
Christian has always been a sweet natured kid, and Im sure has had to learn to fend for himself, over the years, so when Lincoln came to take one of the bowling pins, Christian was not having it, until I asked if lincoln could play with him, and then it was so cute. He of course said,"yes" and then when Lincoln would knock over the pins he would cheer for him. I just love Christian and love that he is still so sweet natured.


  1. I can't get any of your videos to work. They all tell me "An error has occurred." Your little Halloween boys with their cousins were darling. Hope to see you guys sometime sooner than later. Love you.

  2. OHHHH! I love all the blogs! we miss you guys. The boys are getting WAY too big and WAY too fast! we need to skype soon:)

  3. Haha cute, I love that they are like 2 inches away from the pins. They are getting so big! Ah!