Saturday, November 06, 2010

Our Trip to the Temple

So I have been looking for a double jogging stroller for a while now, but they have always just been a little more than I could spend, until I found this awesome deal on craigslist. A lady was selling her double stroller for 40.00 bucks. The only problem was she was all the way in Spring!! I looked how close it was to the temple and it was only 5 minutes away. So of course i packed up the kids and off we went. When I got there, she had 2 double jogging strollers for 40.oo, with some books, pjs, and cars(new in package), i bought it all for 78 dollars. Sold the other jogging stroller for double to pay for mine. So it just cost me a trip to the temple.
So after we stopped at the garage sale, I took the boys over to the temple. They have seen pictures but I thought it would be fun and good for them to actually see it in person. Lincoln, loved it!! Probably because we were close enough to the airport there were tons of airplanes. Now when I show him a picture of the temple he will say temple, and then airplane! I guess now he will correlate the 2.


  1. Your boys are so adorable! I'm glad you guys are so happy!

  2. i love these pictures! that temple is so pretty and your boys are so cute! that is awesome you got such a good deal on those joggers! that's the best.

  3. That's a great deal!! I'm so proud of you being scrappy and selling the second one. Kudos! Great pictures of the boys <3