Tuesday, January 06, 2009

New Years' Eve

We all decided it would be cool to take a picture of the bubbly in all the glasses, mine just turned out the best, so I had to show it off!(David was a little bothered so don't rub it in) Like always we had our annual New Years Eve at Benihanas with grandma, Pompom, Suz, Jeff and there kids. I love that place, and it was just as good and just as fun as last year. After dinner we all went home and waited for the ball to drop. We had a little bubbly to start out the new year, and this was the first time Josh broke his year streak of no soda. Last year, he Brian and dad all decided to give up soda. Dad and Brian stopped throughout the year but Josh was determined to make it all year. He wanted to break it on a draft root beer but couldn't find one close enough so decided to break it on the celebration.

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