Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Chritmas Morning

Because John, Emma Josh, me and the kids all flew down on Christmas Day, everyone agreed it would be okay to have Christmas Morning on the 26th. The kids were so cute because they just went right along with it. Santa came that night so they put out treats for him and the reindeer and we all opened our Christmas Eve pj's. Then Christmas morning like always we waited at the top of the stairs for mom and dad to say it was okay to come down. We then went to look and see what Santa brought, opened presents from mom and dad and then like always had our Christmas breakfast. It was perfect and so great to be at home! This year was a little different in that we had our first Christmas in the new house. It was a little weird and a little sad but like dad, it was just as hard for them as it has been for us,but now we can start our new memories, and that is exactly what we did. The house looks great and like always mom did a great job decorating it. She really made it feel like home, which made it easier for all of us to start our new memories there. Here are just some fun video's I took this Christmas morning... you can mute them so you dont have to hear my voice!

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