Thursday, January 08, 2009

Babies on the Same Day

So it seems to be running in our family to have cousins born on the same day! Yesterday baby Eden and Baby Sebastian were born! Adam and Shannon's little girl and Nat and Kari's little boy! So that makes 6 nieces and nephews on the Petersen side! We were able to go spend a little bit in the hospital with baby Eden and she is so cute! What a beautiful baby, and to see Collin see her for the first time was the cutest thing in the world. He had the painted on grin the whole time, not really sure what to expect! Seeing how good he is with Lincoln, I know he will be such a good big brother


  1. That is so crazy that cousins are born on the same day in your family! Lincoln is so cute and i cant believe how big he is getting!! I want to come see him again! So its official we are having 2 girls for sure! Poor Jaren really was hoping there was a boy in there but nope...