Monday, June 02, 2008

Metting Baby Hallie

Last weekend we were able to go up to Idaho to see baby Hallie for the first time!! She was born the weekend I went to California and then we were gone the next few weekends so this was the first chance we had to see her. She is so cute, and seems to be a really good baby! Easy for me to say, I'm not the one up with her at night!! On Sunday Steve Blessed her, and she looked even cuter in her all white dress!

Famous leg pump... to help get out the gas!

If this does not make a pregnant wife get teary eyed , I don't know what will!

When my first nephew was born, i decided to make it tradition to make each of the nieces and nephews a little blanket. I think we I got the idea I didn't think that soon I would have lots of nieces and nephews, which means lots of blankets. It's been fun to make them, and here is the 9th blanket with more on the way!

Games Nigth!! Mom told us that her 3rd graders made there Jenga tower 17 inches high... so we were determined to beat it! We finally made it, and beat it at 18 inches. You forget how much fun these kind of games are!


  1. She looks so cute. All these new babies around (kind of gets me baby hungry) Kind of I said. I can't wait for you and Emma's to come too.

  2. That is a precious picture of Josh get ready to cry all the time cause dad's tend to fall asleep a lot easier than moms with the babies...