Thursday, June 26, 2008

St. George

So this last weekend we went to St. George to play and visit our friends Jeff and Kayla. It was 106 on Friday, but that was okay because we were at the lake and it felt so good to be in the water and out in the sun. We rented some inflatable kayaks and went across the entire lake(well that's what it felt like). The boys went cliff jumping, even there 2 year old little boy, Cru, and we swam around in this little bay. We started to head back and me and Josh's kayak started to fill with water. At first it didn't seem like too much because you get water from splashing, until it was covering half our legs and we were going in circles, because there was too much water. Of course this didn't happen until we were in the middle. We headed to the edge, tried to lift it out and were just going to walk it. Ya, that didn't work. So I got out went to shore to try and find someone with something motorized to save Josh, while he tried to swim it back. A guy in a wave runner came to the rescue. I think filling up with water just made it that much more fun! Its all about the experience. Josh, Jake, Loopy, and I all went golfing, we had a pool party, ate some good pizza, tried to go play sand volleyball, twice, and really just hung out. It was so much fun... thanks again Jeff and Kayla for letting us stay with you, its always hard to leave when we come and play. Ill post pictures later!!!

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