Sunday, September 02, 2007

The Girls Trip

I was kind of sick of waiting for Lindsey to give us the pictures so i just decided to post the blog i wrote 2 weeks ago!! So here are the pictures from Christy and mom's

I know most everyone that will read this went on the trip, but it's still fun to blog about! I'm sure there will be different pictures on every one's blog but these are just the one's I have, and i think by the time we get them all everyone will forget we even left, so i just decided to post. Mom surprised the august birthday girls with a trip with all the other girls to LA to see Michael Buble! It was such a fun a concert! He was a really good performer and it was just fun to sent time with all the girls. This might just be funny to the people that were there but here are some of our memories.... Eugene sprinting with mom's bag, "When we bloom we bloom" , the crazy accordion player, the delicious desserts, the horrible music playing, staying up all hours of the night, the lesbians at the the concert, the Chinese girls behind us laughing at them too, the cab drivers, the cab driver talking to the other cab driver and mom just pretending she understands, the trident birthday gift, the guy in the nice car hitting on us, me being bold for the first time ever, the 3,600 dollar jacket, the hot outfit Emma tried on and the fact the she had to strip down to her bares, Jenny's blue shirt, Conrad the front desk guy, and the grumpy old cab driver that was mad he had to wait for us.


  1. Looks like it was a fun time!! I love Michael Buble! Let's do something this week...I'll call/text you..

  2. That was fun all over again! I didn't get to see some of the other pictures. I'm such a lucky mom to have such beautiful daughters. Thanks for a great trip girls. Love, Mom

  3. That was pretty funny. I even caught myself laughing out loud :)