Friday, October 05, 2012

Finally Cool Enough for Outside

Playing a little croquet in the front yard. The boys love being outside, so its nice that the weather has dropped enough for them to play out there. They all had fun until the boys got to close to each other and Lincoln got a mallet to the face, and ended up with a black eye.


  1. oh my heck, a black eye?? oh man. sad ending. haha, well glad they can enjoy being outside now!

  2. You are just getting to go outside more and we are starting to have to stay in more:( Booooo!!! it has been high 50's low 60's all week... still okay but summer is OVER and we are so sad about it! We of course miss you all and wish we could see each other over the holidays

  3. oh, and Treys eyes are so handsome! I LOVE the bright blue!