Friday, March 09, 2012

Videos of Shane

Shane, like his brothers, loves his bath!! It didn't take long before the boys wanted to get in with him. Trey was a little oblivious to Shane's head, so the 3 of them didn't last very long.
(I never obviously notice how much I tune out the kids sometimes, how many times did Lincoln ask to get in the tub before I answered)
Shane is so happy in the morning. He just talks and talks, smiles and then of course gets his morning gas out. This kid i swear as more gas than a little man his age should. I love the mornings so much with him. Not only is he so happy but normally Lincoln and Trey are not up yet and I love just my time with Shane.

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  1. oh i love love videos! i laughed so hard at the beginning at your comment about not responding to your kids. ha ha! i'm pretty sure every parent does that, and they just repeat over and over and over till someone finally hears them! ha ha, poor kids. and i love shane chillin' in the boppy. he's so chunky and smiley i wanna squish him!