Friday, November 04, 2011


9LB 6oz 21 1/4 inches long
When deciding the name we had it between 2 names. We would ask the boys what they thought and it wasn't until Lincoln started calling him Shane all the time that I really decided that is what I wanted to name him. I thought it was so cute he would call him that. As far as the middle name, we like to use the middle name to name sake. We have been so lucky to have 3 boys to name them after Josh and our dads. When we knew Shane was a boy there was no question his middle name would be Leonard. I feel like Shane is so lucky to be name saked after his grandpa Petersen. I love everything about Leonard and have always felt loved like a daughter from him. He is such a great example of showing love of his family and most importantly Heavenly Father. There are so many attributes of Leonard that I hope all our boys will see and take after and I hope one day all our boys will realize how lucky they are to be named after the great men in there lives.

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