Saturday, November 26, 2011

Look who's 3!!!

Trey liked eating the candles more than the cake Trey loved this gift just as much as Lincoln, so much it was a fight over who got it. Trey didnt understand why he would get this and not him! So i guess grammy and Papa know what to get Trey for his birthday!
Our Little Lincoln is 3!! Sometimes I feel like he has been here a lot longer than that, but other times i can't believe he is 3!! With Shane so little we didnt do a whole lot on his birthday but we had fun! Im not sure if its the Polar Express movie, Thomas pillow, big train track, train cake or even the train puzzle and sweatshirt that gave it away but Lincoln is way into trains, so of course everything had to do with a train! Everyone was smart to give train gifts, because he was just as excited with each gift. Thank you to everyone!


  1. Awesome! Great cake Jacqueline. So cute.

  2. wow it looks like he had such a fun time! i love the cake. cute cute. i'm glad he had a good birthday.