Sunday, September 19, 2010

Of Course More golfing!

There is this Range in Richmond(about 15 min away), that Josh will take Lincoln too. Normally Trey and I will tag along and some times Papa. We cant ever tell Lincoln we are going or the whole time its like this:
Lincoln: "Daddy"
Josh: "Ya, Buddy"
Lincoln: "Golfing"
And then a minute later its repeated! Cute but does get a little old. Lincoln would go all day everyday if he could, he just loves it.


  1. i love that. so funny! whenever i start dozing on the couch hallie will come about an inch from my face and whisper, "mommy! wake up!" ha ha. i think it's funny when lincoln starts patting his legs like he's trying to get a dog to come to him! =)

  2. oops that other comment i meant to comment on the other video! =) oh well! this one is so cute, too! me and steve laughed thru the whole thing. we are so impressed by how good he is!!! he's gonna be a pro. =) love it when he hits it backwards. =)

  3. What in the World!!! he is freakin AMAZING!!! i can't believe how good his hand eye cordination is. You guys have a future star athlete on your hands!!! And that Trey!!! he is so studly and has quite the little mop of hair. love the smiles in the second crawling video. love and miss you guys

  4. I swear your boys are so freakin cute!! Lincoln is a sports/talking genius and Trey is just the happiest/smily baby ever! Love them!