Sunday, September 26, 2010


Angie Ward and I have started to alternate having our kids play at each others house, and this particular week I took Austin to help out a little while Julie was on bed rest! They all play so well together and I love having it for Lincoln. I think because he is the youngest it really helps him learn because he wants to do what they do. And ever since he has loved going to nursery again.
I gave the boys some grapes to share while I was getting lunch and came around the corner to find this... too cute to not have a picture.


  1. he looks so grown up! it's fun to see him playing with other little boys! sounds fun.

  2. LOVE these pictures. It's so cute like a little boy's club meeting or something haha. I love looking back at pictures with friends from when I was little.

  3. these pictures are adorable! Lincoln looks so big with his big smile for the camera!