Saturday, March 13, 2010

Visiting Utah!

He looks like he just fits right in!
Morgan, was the best babysitter and little miss mom!
When we left Utah around thanksgiving time, it was really hard to say bye to everyone, so Josh decided to send me to Utah again for my Christmas present! After I convinced my mom to come with me, we set the date!(it took a lot of convincing... i don't think i even finished asking the question). I was able to see most everyone in the family. Sam and Sheerstie came down and stayed at Christy's house with us because Eden ended up being really sick, Josh's parents, Shaunie, and Kelli came down for a little bit and then everyone else that lives there was just around. It was so much fun, i Don't think either of the boys touched the floor while I was there! After a full week you would think, we would of been ready to go, but it was just as hard to say bye, maybe worse.

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