Wednesday, March 17, 2010


I was able to see Josh's parents, and sisters for a few hours, but was so glad they would make the effort to come see us. We had breakfast and then attempted the pool with Lincoln. I was shocked he didn't want to go in, because he loves the water. Maybe because it was nap time. They then went to check out BYU for Kelli, who actually was just recently accepted, and has decided to go there. We are so happy for her and know she will have such a great time there. CONGRATS KEL!! Later on in the week, once the kids were feeling better, we went and spent the afternoon with Shannon, Collin and Eden. I can't believe how big they are and how much I feel like we have missed in there lives these last few months away. I was mad at myself for not taking any pictures with them, but had a great time!

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  1. Aw how fun! I didn't know you went to UT. Kids are adorable like always. Phone date??