Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Not what we Expected in Texas!

Yes this is Texas!! Of course its snows the year we move down here, to get away from the snow! Josh says there is no reason for us to bare the extreme heat in August if we still get snow in December. It is still better than what we came from, but maybe would of been a little cooler if we didn't just come from tons of snow! Mom was wondering why we only took 2 pictures, and i had to remind her its not an anomaly for us to see snow!! The best part is the whole city shut down! The stores closed early because it was not safe for the employees driving, the airports, the schools and i don't even think the snow ever stuck to the concrete.

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  1. that is so funny! i can't believe everything shut down! ha ha. =) it's been -30º here for a week now! i wish i was in texas right now! =)