Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Morning

It was a little weird being with such a small group, but was tons of fun! We loved every minute of it and it was fun to watch Lincoln. Santa brought him one of those Little Tike's Basketball Hoops and he loved it! For some reason he has been way into hoops! When dad took him to Academy the other day he freaked out when they went into the hoop isle. He came downstairs and kept saying "oop" and "dunk it"! It was fun to watch him want to tear off the wrapping paper and watch his face as he anticipated what it would be! My parents and the Hodsons gave us our double stroller that we are so excited about and my parents got us our bassinet and a beautiful picture of the Houston temple!! It was great to be with family, and now that the festivities are all over we just wait for the little one to get here!


  1. Look at those blue eyes! Wow! I love that he says "dunk it." How adorable. I wish, wish, wish we could meet him!

  2. He has the perfect PJs for Christmas... too cute.