Saturday, August 15, 2009

Baby Hallie

Steve and Rachel came a few weeks ago, and we got to watch Hallie all day while they shot a wedding! Well Josh watched her most of the day and then when I got home I helped! She was so funny, she was terrified of Josh so she was really good! Rachel told us she would take maybe 2 naps and she ended up taking 3 or 4. Josh said she wouldn't even look at him. She would drink her bottle and then all the sudden would go limp! When i came home, this was Hallie sleeping with her Uncle Josh and I thought it was so cute. Yes, that is a spoon on the side of her face! If was fun to have them stay with us, and to be able to spend time with them before we came to Texas.

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  1. i love those pictures!! i know we told you so many times, but thank you again so much for watching her! we had so much fun with you guys even tho it wasn't for very long. and we miss you already!! way cute pictures of lincoln, too. i love the one of him helping you clean. =)