Wednesday, August 19, 2009

1/2 Marathon...#2

So Josh's brother Sam has been interested in running the Provo half marathon and didn't have anyone to run with, so Josh decided to train this time and run!! It was fun to go an cheer them on, and they did such a good job. Josh was funny the next morning because he was surprised he could walk. His comment was, "Its a lot easier when you train". No hip problems, and they were able to run the whole thing! Shaunie and Kellie came with Sheerstie, Lincoln and I to help cheer them on. The boys were glad to see us a number of times because they said it gave them an extra burst of energy!
I took Josh up to Vivan Park and this was how cold it was!


  1. you guys are awesome for doing that! i loved all the pictures. wish we could've been there to help cheer for you guys! =)

  2. Thats awesome!! Congrats to Josh for doing that. Cute pics of Lincoln love the one in the car seat.