Sunday, March 29, 2009

Trouble going to the Bathroom!

A few days ago, I noticed I was not producing very much milk but didnt really think much about it, I just kept pumping and feeding until I noticed i was not produce hardly anything at all. lost my milk... weird I know! I have talked to a few people and i think there are some herbs and a few things you can do to try and get it back but until then, we had to switch him to straight formula! His breath has not smelled good, when he burps its nasty, and he was having a had time going to the bathroom! This kid was like clock work, every morning and sometimes once throughout the day! It had been almost 3 days and nothing, but it was so sad b/c you could tell he was really trying. He would do this like all day, poor boy! He is doing a lot better now, just not quite there yet!


  1. Oh, that's too bad! Weird. I know I lost my milk when I was pregnant again, but my sister-in-law lost hers and that was not the case. Poor little Lincoln though!

  2. a whole minute and 40 seconds of your kid grunting. hilarious!