Monday, May 26, 2008

Mr.and Mrs.Tyler Large

On May 3rd, Sandra was married in the New Port Temple. I was lucky to be there for it, and be part of the wedding party. It was so so much fun and it was well worth the trip. Having to travel on a plane and still in the sick stage of pregnancy made it a little difficult but like i said it was well worth it. She looked so pretty and they looked so happy. It was was fun to be able to go and see her get married in the temple. She was just glowing and you could tell how much he cares for her!! They will definitely be a great couple, and good for each other.


  1. What your prego? J/K I love the bright pink! and all the little flower girls are so cute.

  2. great photos...i love all the pink and black. they look awesome together!