Saturday, February 09, 2008


I had to blog about this story because it really was the most excitement that I had at work in a long time. Cleaning teeth can get pretty excited but I think this one tops it off! So last Friday we had this lady named Debbie who come into our office, on who knows what! She hardly could walk he eyes were all red and glazed over and she came in saying that she had this tooth that hurt her so bad but she just needed to get something to help with the pain soon because she had one of her kids down in the car, and he had a 104 temperature. Then she said she would have her husband take the kid but he was in St. George. Mind you we have seen this lady and her husband come into the office a few times complaining about pain and we have prescribed both of them medication before. So they took her back to the room to have a look and made sure both doctors went in to talk. There are two rooms in the office that we really don't use that much unless we are slammed or there are 3 hygienist there, then one of us uses a room that we call the dungeon. Well, guess who was there that day, yup me, but it was great because I was right next to the room they put her in, so she would be away from all the other patients, but I could hear everything. I think the patient I had probably thought I was really slow because I was taking extra time on her so I could still listen to what was going on, I know really nosey. she was telling them that she had so much pain and was unable to sleep at night and she just needed something to help her with the pain. Well our doctors were talking to her and telling her that they had prescribed her pain medications before and they just didn't believe her any more. She was very persistent about still being in pain, and she asked if she could just tell the pharmacist to just write on the bottle to take half a day. The doctors said they were not sure this is what she really would be doing, and then she said "well it's not like I'm going to sell them to anyone, because that’s illegal". The doctors trying not to laugh said okay we will take a few X-rays of the areas that she said are hurting, because there are now 3 areas that are bugging her, not just the one. While they were doing this we had one of the girls go down to the parking lot to check all the cars for this kid of hers that had a 104 degree temp. And of course there was no kids in any of the cars. They took the x-rays and there was no signs of decay or infection or anything around any of the teeth, so the doctors decided to call the cops. All of us girls were so funny we were looking out the window waiting for the cops to get there. There were 3 cop cars waiting for her, and right as she was going to leave her husband pulled up, you know the one that is supposed to be in St. George, to take her home. The cops made sure he was okay to drive and let them go. Then the cops came up to the office and told us they knew exactly who she was and they appreciated that we would call them.
So the next week it gets better she call s 2 times asking for us to refill her prescription, I guess she didn't get it, that or she was to high to know we even called the cops on her. Then Wednesday of this week she called again to talk to the office manager and couldn't believe that we would charge her for the x-rays we took of the teeth that were bugging her, and she wanted the doctor to refund the money. Our Dr. just said that he would not refund the money and if she didn't pay then they would sent her to collections, and pretty much said to all of us that he also didn’t care if she never came to the office again because of it.
He got a page at 430am Thursday from her wanting more meds!! We are not sure if she will ever give it up, but I will have to keep you posted!


  1. Awful! Don't you just love people like that? I used to work at a Pharamacy and we had a girl just like that. The scary thing was is that she really did have a kid in the car and would drive around stoned with her in the car. Sadly, one day after 8 years her husband had enough of her crazy drug problems and the men that were always reportedly coming in and out of her house while he was at work and beat her up. He ended up in prison. Last I saw of her she still had the kid and was still stoned out of her mind. Sad story.

  2. OH my gosh! What a crazy! some people never give up.

  3. Wow, that is so crazy! She had definitely lost it.

  4. that is sooooo sad. prescription drug abuse is such a problem...

    (jenny, not david)