Friday, April 20, 2007

Our T.V.

So finally here it is! After a month and a half of being married and no t.v. we finally decided it was time... We decided to go with a Costo purchase (which i know David and Jenny approve of). It's the same one that John and Emma have but of course smaller! It has been a lot of fun having it. We have watched probably 5 movies since last Saturday, i know we addicted now! When i told Josh I was going to blog about the T.V. he didn't want me to say we were taking it back. We think it might be a little much, and a little bigger than we need right now, but Josh knows football is right around the corner and already loves it too much to not want to take it back... so we will see.


  1. Good job on the blogging. At this rate you will catch up.

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