Friday, March 16, 2007

the wedding

I know, I know, you would think that something as big as getting married would make us make a post, but we have been so crazy busy this week... Shannon would not stop getting off my case until I did, so I figured it was time! Josh just had his big test week, three tests in three days. Crazy i know... i don't think he did as good as he had hoped with the crazy month we had, and missing school a few days he thinks he did okay! Being married is so much fun, I never thought that the two of us could get any closer, but i just love Josh to death, and we have so much fun together. It has been so nice to be able to go home with each other, and not have to say good night. This is just the dress and veil, all ready in the closet... my mom got it all steamed, cleaned and together for me before I got back to Texas!This was our project the night before... Kambria, Sandra, Lindsey, Me, Brittany, John, David, and Brian were all in an assembly line rolling silverware for the reception. This is were my two and half years of Olive Garden skills came in!

This is my mom the morning of the big day, she woke up us girls that morning with wedding/love songs, and she made us blueberry muffins and brought orange juice for breakfast, isn't she so cute!! Just waking up for the big day!! Time to get ready! I had Lilly do my hair, and then Lindsey my sister do my make-up... They both did such a good job!
Were Married!!!

Our first kiss publicly as Mr. and Mrs. Petersen!
Here are just some of the pictures that were taken on my camera, when i get the others I'll post them in an album for y'all to see! This was seriously the best day ever, the weather, was perfect, the flowers were perfect and we had so many people there that we cared about. I am so grateful to be a Petersen, and to be a part of there family, they mean so much to me, and i cant express how lucky I am to be loved by such great people, and most importantly, Josh!

I can't tell you how grateful both Josh and I were to have everyone fly out to Texas, and all the work that went into this day. The person we have to thank most is mom... the tent set up, the food choices, the cakes, the flower arrangements, the D.J., the photographer, the video-o-grapher, helping pick the dress, the bridesmaid dresses, the tiara, the veils, the carriage ride to the hotel, planned out the schedule (which everyone loved) and I'm sure many other things that went on behind the scenes were all planned by my mom. I am so grateful for her and my dad, and for everything they have always done.


  1. Beautiful pictures! It was so fun to be there with you and to meet you Jacquelyn. We're glad to have you as a Petersen too!

  2. FINALLY! and i know i am a brat, but i check the blogs daily and frankly was tired of re-reading about the engagement. You did a FABULOUS job on your post! i feel like a proud mother! we just love you to pieces and words cannot express how much we love and appreciate all you are and all you do for us. welcome to the family!

  3. Hey the Cheat-- because of you and shannon we have joined the blogging scene too. And I am already tired of the wedding one and need something new--so get on it!! Oh, and one more bone to pick-- I am in only one of those pictures and it is kind of a wierd one. OK, now something nice-- you are super rad! see ya!