Saturday, March 31, 2007


So now that my brothers, and sisters have started blogging, i am now getting in trouble from them for not blogging. First David called and told me I was not good at blogging, then Christy called me and told me she was mad at me for not blogging, and then she told me that she talked to Emma earlier and she said she was sick of pulling up my blog and seeing my wedding dress... I guess now I have to be better! Well the big horrible test is now over! I had a lot of support from everyone, Christy and Emma brought over dinner the night before, with balloons and a bad full of stuff that was needed,( like breakfast, snacks, drinks, brain-food) you know the works! Then David and Jenny brought ice cream, which if you know me, was perfect. Then I got phone calls from the whole family, and our friends wishing me luck, and what i think helped the most was that i found out i was on 9 prayer lists, Josh gave me a blessing, and I was in many prayers that morning and night. So if i didnt pass, i dont know what else would of helped.

These are just fun pictures when we moved into our house! Josh and I scored a California King bed, that is half water bed, so these are the water tubes (or whatever you call them) that go in the bed. I guess he got too tired just carrying one at a time, so then the task started! Dane was nice to come over and help us move all our stuff, and then had fun seeing how many of these water tubes they could carry at one time!
These are our killer blue couches. We were able to rent them from the apartment complex for ten bucks a month, which is a great deal, but its funny the first time we sat on them, you dont sink at all, and the back of the couch reaches about the middle of josh's back, and then if he lays down he hangs off almost a foot... it was so funny when he sat on them for the first time! I guess I will have to say we are lucky to have these couches now because before this, we didnt have any furniture and we would put a suitcase down on the ground and put a blanket over it to make it our nice table cloth, and thats what we ate on for the first couple weeks, but i guess that's part of it!


  1. You know that I would be the first one to look at this right??? I almost didn't even look, but to my surprise there was a new blog!!!Hope you have fun this weekend! See you when you get back :)

  2. Wow, a new layout even!! Amazing what some prodding can do for you. Welcome back to the Blog world. Hope ya'll had fun in Idaho! Peace love dope!

  3. Well, actually you were on 10 prayer rolls. We had you on the D.C. roll too.

    Bye-the-way, your blue couches are just smashing! =)

  4. yeah, i dig the blue couches...they match our blue carpet in the house. love the new layout!

  5. Jake I love your photos. Shannon is an amazing photographer. Can she come to Engand and give me some lessons.
    So lovely to see your day in pictures. you are so beautiful inside and out.