Saturday, November 10, 2012

The boy's first real snow storm in Idaho

The morning before the storm Papa scraped a little frost off the car to make a tiny snow ball and Lincoln thought it was so cool, until the woke up the next morning to 6 inches of snow! Lincoln and Trey died. They were so excited to go outside and help Papa shovel the driveway, get snow off the cars, and make snow balls. They got a little cold because we didnt really have the right stuff but grandma went to the second hand stores and found some great cheap stuff. After this the boys would of stayed out for hours.


  1. yay i love all the pictures you posted! you got so many that i didn't, gonna have to steal them from you sometime. :) such a fun time!

  2. Looks fun. Love the boys' in Hallie's coat!

  3. Are you guys still here we were up in Rexburg on Saturday. We would of stopped by and said hi. Jake works in Rexburg on Mon and Tue.